Banisher - Oniric Delusions (2016)

Genre: Technical/Experimental Death Metal
Origin: Poland
Size/Quality: 102 mb | Mp3 320 kbps
Artist Information

Line up:
Hubert Więcek – Guitars (Decapitated, Redemptor, ex-Vedonist)
Jacek Gut – Drums (Darzamat, Depopulate, Fetor, Nuclear Vomit, ex-Mental Execution)
Michał Bartosik – Bass (Yes, I Used To Play, ex-Burnout)
Szczepan Inglot – Vocals (Maigra, Shodan, ex-Extinct Gods)

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1. Axes To Fall
2. Human Factor
3. The Iconoclast
4. Notion Materialized
5. Synthetic Euphoria
6. Confront The Mass
7. The Fatal Parable Of A Certain Mercenary